The bosses of ice revues about Eva Pawlik:

Eva Pawlik is Europe´s most authentic lady figure skater.

(Will Petter, boss of the Vienna Ice Revue)

Eva Pawlik is Europe´s most charming lady figure skater.

(Hanns Thelen, boss of the Scala Ice Revue)

Eva Pawlik is Europe´s „most perfect“ lady figure skater.

(Morris Chalfen, boss of Holiday On Ice)

Source: Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin), July 25th, 1961

Article from the International Figure Skating Magazine 2009


From an article in the New York Times before World War II:


"(...) Eva Pawlik is an exceptionally promising 9-year-old Viennese (...)"

The New York Times - December 13th, 1936 ("Women in Sports")

Eva Pawlik with World Champion Felix Kaspar (1937)

Wunderkind - Child prodigy Eva Pawlik


"If ever a torch was passed from one influential European ice queen to another, it happened with Henie and Pawlik."
Source: Kelli Lawrence, Skating On Air (Jefferson, North Carolina, and London 2011), page 23.

Paarlauf-Olympiasieger Ernst Baier über Eva Pawlik und Rudi Seeliger:
Eva Pawlik und Rudi Seeliger sind gegenwärtig das beste Paar im ganzen Eisshow-Business.
Ein Trick ist nicht dabei. Die beiden können es eben.
(Quelle: Lübecker Nachrichten, 20. Juli 1956)
Olympic pair skating Champion Ernst Baier about Eva Pawlik and Rudi Seeliger:
Eva Pawlik and Rudi Seeliger are currently the best couple in the entire ice show business.
They don´t juggle. They are just able to do it.
(Source: Lübecker Nachrichten/Germany, July 20th, 1956)
Video mit Eva Pawlik und Rudi Seeliger:
Video with Eva Pawlik and Rudi Seeliger:

Scala Eisrevue 1957 including acrobatics in the end


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